It’s not every day that a small Oklahoma business makes history. Yet, in 2020, history is exactly what DeVinci was invited to be a part of. One has only to look at the strikingly hollowed white GFRC shell of Tulsa’s Black History Museum, juxtaposed against the stark charcoal grayness of its brick walls, to know they’re seeing more than just a pretty building. The daring design features powerful LED fixtures, installed within each panel’s frame to project light through multiple openings in the GFRC skin. At night, the whole edifice is transformed into a mesmerizing and shiningly poignant installation. In an early effort to maximize efficiency, our design and production teams collaborated with the architect on important aspects of GFRC constructability and structural assembly. Through our help in giving shape to an architectural gem that Greenwood Rising surely is, we strive to acknowledge our country’s unforgivable treatment of black communities and hope to foster humble healing in the future.