Once known across the nation as the ‘Big White Store’, this 1904, seven-story example of the famous Chicago School style of architecture, began life as a high-end department store, but fell into disrepair as the century waned. The 2019 effort to rehabilitate this structure to its former glory found DeVinci ready to lend a hand. We provided over 520 GFRC pieces, historically replicated and glazed to match the building’s long-demolished white terracotta exterior. All were meticulously designed, molded, and crafted to the highest standards of historic restoration. We were also called upon to reimagine a missing architectural detail – a corbel of which no photographs or concept drawings could be found. This, our in-house carver chiseled in limestone. Today, the building stands tall once again, a shining and proud example of vision, modern craft, and respect for historic architecture.