Adding in over 100k sq feet of prime seating to Texas Christian University’s football stadium was an exercise in creativity. For DeVinci, it meant reproducing the existing structure’s multiple architectural details on a truly exquisite scale. We provided the 40’-long finned GFRC parapet panels, which now wrap the 130 field-side yards of the cantilevered roof in their enormous Art Deco embrace. The front and sides of the building feature several hundred feet of intricate frieze work, scalloped vertical paneling in two-tone GFRC, and a balconied entryway guarded by a pair of 20’-tall bas-relief sculptures of the school’s beloved football players. These two titans are in turn dwarfed by a flanking arrangement of columns reaching over 120 feet in height. All of it: lightweight and durable GFRC proudly made and engineered in Oklahoma. We are honored to have collaborated with some of the nation’s most talented builders and designers in bringing this unique project to life.